Rhiannon Rees

Hi, I’m Rhiannon Rees and I specialise in people.

And even though I’ve been variously described as a human behaviour expert, executive and elite performance coach, self-development expert, business coach, medical intuitive, entrepreneur, speaker and writer…

…I actually like to think of myself as a detective.

Because my passion is understanding what makes you tick. Even when you don’t fully understand it yourself.

Do you have the courage to change?

If you’re unhappy with your life, your relationships or your work have you ever stopped to think about how YOU have contributed to the situation you’re in?

Did you realise how YOU might be choosing a life that mirrors your self-worth and the beliefs YOU have?

We are all far more powerful than we realise and yet we don’t realise the many ways our self-limiting beliefs are limiting our lives.

My coaching is based on 30 years of study and practice in human behaviour. Bruce Lipton's ground-breaking work on the "biology of belief" is a founding principle of my practice. 

I have pioneered a Coaching Approach that was certified by the International Coaching Federation for 22 credits for the Art of debunking the very things that hold you back by harnessing neuroscience at the core of everything I do. 

My philosophy is simple

Did you know that over 93% of our communication is non-verbal and our subconscious mind makes decisions 15 times faster than our conscious mind?

Did you know that the sub-conscious mind processes 40 million pieces of information a second while the conscious mind can barely handle 40?

Where do you think the greatest results would lie depending on the mind that you harness? Sub-Conscious? or Conscious? 

And yet most of us are unaware of how to harness and use these powerful tools that we all have within ourselves.

When I work with you I will focus on the whole person, because I understand the importance of both EQ and IQ in changing people’s behaviour.

So although I come from a corporate background, and have a business degree, I understand that no amount of my business acumen can compete with the fact that emotions drive people, both consciously and sub-consciously.

The decisions you are making about your business, your relationships and your life are driven by emotions and your subconscious. They are restricted by the self-limiting beliefs that you don't even know you have!!

It takes an expert to find these and my Featured coaches and myself are experts. 

And once you understand what your individual roadblocks are, and why you’ve put them there in the first place, you can begin to take control of your life. And start to truly believe in yourself.

It’s. Really. That. Simple.

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For me, making a difference is something I just have to do.

It is my work of destiny.

I love it, I was born to do it.

I can’t bear to see someone in pain.

And I love helping others find their true purpose.

But my path hasn’t always been this clear…

Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction

My life has been anything but ordinary.

From smart and talented child…

…to corporate success story,

…to losing it all including your husband to his other identity as a woman,

…and ending up as a single mother with a three year-old child living in a tent,

…I have experienced more than enough for three lifetimes.

I am completely compelled to help others.

My personal suffering has led me to search for answers, ultimately studying human behaviour for twenty years.

Being completely compelled to help others, I have continued to invest in education, all in the field of self-development, neuroscience and business.

Today, I am renowned as one of the world’s best self-development experts, drawing on my thirty years of studying human behaviour, a Bachelor of Business from UTS Sydney and the life lessons learnt from the ‘school of hard knocks’.

My winning mindset, bold honesty, and complete belief in my clients and their success fuels their power to transform their own lives, both professionally and personally.My work includes :

  • business and corporate coach;

  • mentor to other coaches;

  • elite performance and sporting coach;

  • book and newspaper writer;

  • keynote speaker and presenter; and

  •  human behaviour expert.

One of the world’s best self-development experts

I have been featured in countless TV shows and print publications in both North America and Australia, including The Sunday Telegraph, Body & Soul Magazine, Madison and Cosmopolitan. I have also been a regular on radio with interviews on 2GB & Mix 106.5 and my own weekly half hour show on the ABC Mid North Coast with Fiona Poole or Scott Levi (Central coast) where I advised on business.

My passion for helping others live their life to the fullest has seen my nomination for ‘Telstra’s Business Woman of the Year’ award three times, Winner of ‘Brand Coach’ 2012, Gold Coast.‘Abundance Coach’ and ‘Master Coach’ 2012. And also voted in the TOP 30 GLOBAL GURUS FOR COACHING in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019  Top Thirty Global Gurus.

I have worked with stars including the Spice Girls, as well as X-Files, NRL, Grey’s Anatomy, and Private Practice cast members.

Local, national and international media regularly seek my expertise to help and inspire people to live happier, wealthier more fulfilled life.


You too can change your life!

After losing everything, Rhiannon learnt how to embrace the ordinary moments in life and realised how very extraordinary they can be.

And now she invites you to learn how you too can change your life, by simply changing your mindset.

So whether you decide to:

… read her powerful books How to Climb Mount Everest in Sandals and Life is a Choice and the Choice is Yours,

…find out whether 3 hours really can change your life in the Ignite Workshop,

…fall in love with your business again via the Business Mastermind Course,

…feel courageous enough to be a leader in your field with the Coaching Mastermind Course,

…the only thing you need to ask yourself is:



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