ebook - Life is a choice and the CHOICE is Yours

Did you know that the subconscious mind makes decisions up to 15 times faster than the Conscious mind? Imagine accessing and wilfully harnessing that level of power.
What could you do with it?

In this book, Rhiannon throws ego in the doghouse and invites 9 leading world experts to generously share with you what they have learned over a lifetime.
Their insights will fuel your progress for a change.

This book is a firecracker, designed to explode all the myths that hold you back and set fire to the false paradigm that your dreams can be deferred. “Life is a choice and the Choice is Yours” is a bountiful warehouse of tips and information that will help you harness your happiness, teach you to walk in the direction of your dreams and set yourself FREE!!

The only thing you need to ask?
“Are you ready for this kind of success?”

“If you are ready to grab hold of your life by the scruff of the neck, then this book is for you.
Rhiannon has laid out her successful tools and in fact, if you really do it all, you will excel.”
Steve Podborski OC, Olympic Medallist, World Cup Champion, Chef de Mission for Canada (Sochi), Officer of the Order of Canada.


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