Kelly Phillips

Cochair MOREOB

Manager: team of 45 staff

Apprenticing with top 30 Coaching Global Guru – Rhiannon Rees

Conscious Coaching Collective 2018/2019

LINCs (2016)

Perinatal Nursing Specialty with Honours (2002)

BScN with distinction (2001)

Frontline Leadership (1996)

RN Dean’s List (1992)

Disrupt your current Mindset, Stretch and Achieve!

Why would you choose to coach with me?

In nearly 30 years of nursing I have developed an uncanny ability to recognize the intangibles, advocate and lead people through change to amazing heights. I have developed an ability to read people and situations allowing me to pinpoint and address the pivotal problems facilitating quick identification and resolution of critical issues.

2009 Leadership/Management position with our local Health Authority

  • Operational planning and financial management for a multimillion-dollar portfolio

  • Direct responsibility for a staff of 45 as well as providing leadership to a multidisciplinary team that extended well beyond this group.

The expectation of this position was that I have a long-range view of operations and patient service delivery including meeting quarterly with the hospital CFO to report on budget and operational planning and provide solutions to mitigate increasing costs. Every year I was required to increase savings and/or decrease costs.

Major career accomplishments:

In 2009: taking that team of 45 from an amalgamation where both groups were very angry and dysfunctional and leading them to become an amazing cohesive team in 24 months

  • In an environment with incredible staff shortages, my team always had ample staff.

  • I had staff waiting for positions to come available.

  • Influenced by my provision of exceptional leadership, not only as role model but also coaching them with setting and attaining personal, professional and unit goals.

Securing funding through successful grant initiatives:

  • I collaborated with a colleague and we completed a grant application and subsequently were awarded a grant for a project on our unit to improve cultural safety experience for First Nations women during the Perinatal Period.

Cochair MOREOB

  • I had an active role in bringing MOREOB(Managing Obstetrical Risk Efficiently) to our hospital in early 2010 and have been co-chair since it’s inception in our hospital. MOREOB is a comprehensive, patient safety, professional development, and performance improvement program for hospital obstetric units.

There are five main components to the MOREOB Program approach:

  • Develop capability

  • Transfer to practice

  • Develop capacity

  • Measure outcomes

  • Assess value

In the last 5 years having an active role in planning for our new hospital from initial consultation and planning, through bids, building and then moving to the new facility.

  • I was able to provide concrete numbers that demonstrated our number of births had remained constant over the previous fifteen years and the initial occupancy plan for my unit in the new hospital was not adequate. This led to an architectural increase in rooms in my department to match the occupancy requirements mitigating what could have been a refit worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  • I provided direction on design and layout including work flow processes for all aspects of my areas of responsibility.

  • I reviewed and assessed equipment and made decisions about equipment purchases, and ongoing stock requirements.

I am very excited to be coaching alongside Rhiannon Rees. It seems that all that has occurred in my life to this point has been preparing me to coach people.

As a health care professional, I have been so privileged and blessed to actively help people in meaningful ways. A recent example demonstrating why I find helping people so profoundly fulfilling starts with me walking into a patient room late in 2018. There was a visitor holding the newborn baby. I could not help myself and asked the visitor where I knew her from. She told me, she knew me; I had been her nurse more than ten years prior when she delivered her first child. She explained how I had somehow arranged for her to be in a private room with her baby for three days before she gave her baby up for adoption. The conversation continued and she thanked me profusely telling me I had made such a difference in her experience and her life. I absolutely remember her and the situation and to know that my simple act of advocating for her made such a difference brought a tear to my eye and reinforced why I so love helping people.

There are so many opportunities to make a difference in people’s lives whether in coaching or nursing. Really, they are very much aligned both focusing on humanity, our spirit, and journey through this life.

Who are we to not embrace opportunities and live our best lives?

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, IT CAN ACHIEVE – Napoleon Hill

Let’s work together to achieve and exceed your extraordinary dreams and goals!


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