From Losing $750,000 in Three Hours to Total Financial Freedom

For ‘John’ and ‘Sue’ Traill, the storm couldn’t have come at a worse time.

Their sheep and crop farm in north-west NSW had been in their family for three generations, but Sue and John were at risk of losing it all due to amount of debt they’d gone into to buy John’s dad out.

Then one fateful night bought four inches of rain down on their high value crop of mung beans…a crop that was meant to be their financial freedom.

In just three hours, they had lost $750,000!

The next six months they both muddled through on autopilot, lurching from one crisis to the next…and getting further and further into debt.

What else can you do?

“I can still remember the day John came in and said: ‘I think I’ve found the person who can help us’,” recounts Sue. “It was such a pivotal moment, I never will forget it.”

Listening to a radio interview with Rhiannon was indeed a pivotal moment for the Trails…

that would turn their lives around for the better.

A few weeks later they were sitting in the city with Rhiannon, who went right to the heart of their self-limiting beliefs and explained to the couple how they actually liked being in debt. And then she challenged them to find an impossibly large sum of money up front, by using creative means.

“A few weeks later, when we told her we’d found the money, her response was: ‘So, what else can you do?’”

Kicking massive goals

“Two and a half years of weekly coaching with Rhiannon has totally changed our mindset…and transformed our financial situation. We now see opportunity where we once saw problems.

“Our sheep production figures are the best they’ve ever been, our prices are much better and we have recently added $2 million dollars to the value of our land.

“We are about to do the property deal of a lifetime, after which we will be financially free…

“…a property deal which will enable us to pocket $10 million dollars!

“This is a financial freedom I could’ve never before imagined…but the real joy is that we are so much happier than we have ever been. We have sorted out so much internal crap that was previously stopping us from achieving our goals, and we are even closer and stronger.”

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