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Getting to the core of the problem

Sometimes it takes an outsider with a fresh perspective to clearly see what has actually been right in front of your nose all the time. And this is especially pertinent when it comes to self-limiting beliefs.

Rhiannon’s hands-on approach to overcoming obstacles in business and personal life through a scope with multiple lenses gave Jan the ability and courage to look within herself and discover exactly what was holding her business back.

You see, Jan had a self-limiting belief that arose from her childhood experiences with money…

…a hugely self-limiting belief that she was projecting onto her customers, via her staff;

Turning the business around

The amazing thing about self-limiting beliefs is that once they are viewed from an impartial perspective, all the emotion behind them, including the fears that make them so powerful, very quickly begin to dissipate.

And for Jan, Rhiannon’s unique perspective bought a clarity, a focus and a level of self-understanding which she had never experienced before.

But Rhiannon didn’t just stop there. Rhiannon knew she had to help Jan not only change her own mindset, but also stop subconsciously projecting her beliefs onto her staff.

Rhiannon had to find a way to re-train the sales staff…to effectively give them permission to start selling again.

“Rhiannon convinced me to ‘fire’ myself from my role in managing and training to staff, ensuring I wasn’t subconsciously transferring my self-limiting beliefs. And then she put a very generous bonus structure into place, so my staff were not only given the freedom to sell…they were actually rewarded and motivated to sell.

“And never in my wildest dreams did I think we would achieve the results that Rhiannon helped me achieve. In short, the results were absolutely mind blowing!”

An outcome Jan could never have imagined

Now that the staff were motivated and rewarded to sell more stock, the business very quickly began to turn around.

Within a matter of weeks, single sales of up to $1500 were being processed.

And two year later Jan’s fashion boutique took $178,000 in a six week period…which is more than they had taken in the entire previous year.

“Rhiannon’s knowledge of the subconscious and her determination for self-accountability has given me and my business an immense freedom from the things I didn’t even know were holding me back.

“Rhiannon Rees has not only turned my business around…she’s totally transformed my life.”